Puppies + a LOA exercise for more money


If you take a peak over at my Mentorship page, you'll notice I finally increased my prices! 

I was supposed to increase them two Fridays ago, but like us all, had a lot of limiting beliefs about whether or not it was a good idea and kept pushing it off in fear I'd be judged. I knew I was putting my heart and soul into my mentorship calls and I knew clients were experiencing huge shifts in their thinking and what they considered themselves capable of because of my skill-set and the effort I put in, but still, something in the back of my mind kept me feeling icky about a price increase. 

So I did what I do best and faced my limiting beliefs so I could challenge them and redirect my energy. And since I'm all for authentic human connection and normalizing topics that have far too long been considered controversial, I want to share that process with you. 

a law of attraction success story and how I use law of attraction tips to make more money


A big limiting belief in the sensitive community is that money is greed, but money itself is not good or bad. It's power. We know though that power has been misused and so many beings have been (and continue to be) oppressed because of it. Like I said in this article when I first started Mentorship, every single human rights, animal rights and environmental rights violation can be traced back to money. The pain in our world is rooted in money and whether or not there is enough of it. 

But if money is power, and power is how we create change, isn't it time that sensitive caring folks get accountable and start allowing it into their lives? We can't create change with our ideals alone, we need to take action, and action costs money. Greed is a choice, and the social worker in me feels like perhaps also a way the uppermost class has kept the caring and sensitive small. We know our values, they know our values, and ensuring we don't go after money because we fear greed is an excellent way to keep us from having the money to create the change the world needs. 

I don't need much to survive. Even on a predominantly vegan diet my grocery bills are less than $35/week. I live in a tiny apartment, enjoy public transit and rarely buy anything new. I support various organizations when I can and take myself out for coffee every morning after I visit the ocean. But other than that, my costs are low. It's probably strange to hear then, that my money goal for this time next year is to PASSIVELY make over $1000/day. I don't plan to upgrade my living costs or suddenly start eating more, but I want money because I see potential and know my heart will use the power that will come from having more money for good.

Good like starting an animal sanctuary and creating jobs for sensitive people who would rather care for animals than work in front-line service jobs. Good like funding youth workers to run rural camps so inner city youth get to touch their feet to soil. Good like paying for my friend to get his degree and finally have the credential he unfortunately needs to get paid to do the amazing work he is already doing. 

And I know your hearts are the same. 

Every single one of you is filled with ideas for how this world could be better. Whether you're a sports coach for underprivileged youth who wishes you could buy more sports equipment and rent out more space. Or a doctor who wishes you could pay off your debt so you could take that Reiki course and go private practice and stop working for a company that drains you of your morals. Or maybe you're like me and it breaks your heart to see animals without a loving home. A home, food, vet bills, and someone to provide the love vulnerable animals deserve is not free. The good in this world costs as much as the bad. Or even, it costs MORE. Because doing good doesn't allow us to cut costs at the expense of those at our mercy. 

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Meet Manni

This sweet soul came into our lives Friday afternoon. He was left on the side of the road with his siblings at 3 weeks old. He's now 8 weeks and the most lovable little guy. He's afraid of food and we think he survived by eating bugs because he won't eat his food without first trying to catch it. Last night him and I spent some time outside, just us and the summer breeze. He cuddled up and stared ahead for about a half hour until he finally fell asleep. Watching him watch the world and knowing the pain he has already overcome in his infant life is what made me finally push publish on my new prices. Manni and so many others need warm loving homes and warm loving homes aren't free. 


I'm a huge believer in the personal being the political. We vote with every dollar we spend. To have more votes, we need more dollars. Money is power. 

My choice to go into social work disappointed a lot of people around me. My whole life I was told I was supposed to be a lawyer or a doctor or someone with that sort of prestige. I was *capable* of the education associated with those professions and *capable* of making the money that came with them, so choosing to go into a profession known for its low income seemed like a wrong move. But it wasn't a wrong move, because money is a mindset and training as a critical social worker taught me the importance of being accountable for mine if I want to truly make change in this world. I don't need to be in a high paying profession to make money. I just need to get real about what money is and how money can be used so I can eliminate the limiting beliefs that to be a good person requires I be broke. It doesn't matter what your profession, it doesn't matter what your credentials. Money is energy and it CAN be called in regardless of your situation.

It's not admirable to stay small. It's admirable to show up.

With a heart like yours, you have a duty to work on your limiting beliefs so you can draw in the money you need to be the change you wish for this world. I can't make the changes I want to make if I let myself stay small. So I'm not staying small. I'm owning my worth and raising my price. 

Money isn't greed, it's power and if you are frustrated with this world, you need to step up and start owning YOUR power so you can start shifting the power dynamics of this world with every dollar you spend. 


If you feel icky about money and making more of it, I challenge you to write out a list of 100 ways money is a good thing. Money buys food for hungry bellies, money provides the heat in shelters in the dead of winter, money keeps animals on the field and out of the slaughter house. Money buys ethical clothing, money buys basketballs and frisbees. The list is endless.

And you making money doesn't mean another needs to go without. This world is abundant and expanding every time you breathe.
Do this exercise every night for a week and watch your life (and this world) change.