96 days [How to stay motivated]

Today marks 96 days until Christmas.

Anddddd, since we are all about honesty and authenticity here...  I've already started listening to Christmas music. I've also already started planning the outfit I'm going to wear at my family's Christmas Eve party, the gifts I'm going to buy, and most importantly, how I'll tell the stories about the last three months of the year working unapologetically towards my dreams. Because even though I've had a few hiccups this summer, and things have felt really stagnant when it comes to my dreams, I'm not going to let this Year 1 (2017 is a Year 1 in numerology known for kickstarting new beginnings) slip away without planting some serious seeds for how I want to spend the next 8 years of this new planetary cycle.

Motivation tips for success — www.thediaryofanempath.com.

What we do these next few months will ignite a strong energetic vibration around what we are to expect the next eight YEARS.

And it's not something to take lightly; it's a gift to manifest so much goodness! So I've decided I'm going to get real with myself about what I need to do to make the most of these next few months so I can be so happy for myself and all I've achieved when the sound of Michael Bublé fills my kitchen Christmas Eve.


I'm taking you with me. :)

Because whether you celebrate the holidays or not (for me, Christmas isn't about religion, it's about community and an energy of magic and giving, I also love snow and wood fires and everything associated with December and it's twinkling lights) I want you to be just as happy as I'll be 3 months from now. I want you to look back on 2017 and be so grateful for all you accomplished. I want you to be so grateful that you were brave enough to have a dream and to take steps to making it a reality. 

And so, today's post is on how to stay motivated.

Because having a dream is one thing.

Staying motivated long after you're inspired by a dream is another.

I know most of you who read my work are visionaries, you have a vision for what you want to see from the world. You have an inner knowing of a purpose and you feel very much that you were sent on a mission. And whether that's you or not, we all have goals, things we want to accomplish. Things we want to do with our precious lives.

If 2017 has had you dreaming big (it should have!) I want you to take a moment to affirm that a) your dream matters and b) you deserve to make tremendous progress on it before the end of this year. And then I want you to go get it. I want you to get to work. 

Here's a start:

1. Show up every day no matter what.

Most intuitive folk go with their gut and if they don't feel like doing something, they are quick to use their lack of feeling as an excuse to not. The best way to reign this in is to decide to show up every day. Make it a non-negotiable. I don't always like coming to my blog or learning something new related to business and systems, but I log on to my site every single day regardless. Success isn't in the big vision — it's in the small steps you take every single day. 

Like attracts like, so taking one step gets momentum going to build another; if I get myself logged into my site, I know I'll get a bunch of other things done too. Because momentum takes over.

2. Have someone you can lean on for support.

This August was the first time I invested in myself and my site. I hired Alyssa Coleman to help me get my productivity systems in place so I could stop working so chaotically. And though she's been amazing with the systems know-how, she's also been incredible to keep me motivated by reminding me I can achieve what I set out to do. The online world is a lot more difficult than it looks and there are times (momentarily, but they exist!) where I just don't know if I can do it. It seems that's always when Alyssa pops into my inbox with encouraging words. 

Whether you invest in someone— here are my strategic mentorship programs , or you simply ask your friends to believe in you even if they can't see your vision, it helps. We are social creatures, we need the energy of others to keep ourselves sustained. I've learned I can't go it alone and it's changed everything.

3. Have the guts to admit that you don't have it all figured out. 

And that it's okay that you don't! Because you will be lead to the information, people and resources you need when you stay committed to your goal. The debilitation that happens when we get unsure of our next step is very real. And what I've learned is that if we stay calm, breathe through the uncertainty and ask for support (I ask my angels, you can ask whoever), support will arrive — in the most creative, beautiful way. I always end up looking back at times when I had 'no idea what to do next' in awe with how it all came together so perfectly, confused over why I was so overwhelmed in the first place.

We are here to learn and grow and we aren't supposed to have every next step figured out. When I started this blog I knew how to write and support 1:1, now I know how to have a business, how to create sales funnels, how to build passive income products, how to use social media, how to automate, how to use SEO, how to network online. I learned each of those things after first being overwhelmed with not knowing how to do them.

There is ALWAYS a way, and part of being intuitive and creative is having the creative know-how to creatively figure it out. 

4. Lean on your gift.

Every single one of us came into this world with a gift. Something we are good at. Something that makes us shine so bright. For me it's writing and working 1:1 with people passionate about learning about energy and the energetic realities of this world. When I feel unmotivated I lean on these gifts and find myself re-inspired. Whether it's sending a motivational e-mail to someone I know could use it, or giving away a free call, I use my gifts to create positive momentum. 

When you feel your motivation waning, get creative in how you use your gifts to get it back. 

5. Know who / what inspires you.

I require a lot of inspiration to get my butt moving on things. I need to feel that jolt, that spark, that feeling that I need to get to work... in order to get to work. And so I get really creative in how I keep myself inspired. I have a secret board on Pinterest called 'this time next year' that I pin to every day and just started a Tumblr account just to re-post photos that embody an energy I'm inspired by. I lean on other thought leaders and creatives and search them up when I'm feeling down. 

Who/what inspires you? How can you bring that energy into your head and heart space?

6. Shake things up.

It's so easy to get into a routine but creative energy (the energy of motivation) isn't found in a routine, it's found in spontaneity. Right now I'm supposed to finish up this post (do the SEO, create Pins, get it out into the world) but instead I'm taking my pup out for a much needed walk in a direction we've never gone.

I'm going to put on my headphones, get her on a leash and GO. And I'm going to enjoy every moment of it. :) If you're feeling unmotivated, get up and get moving, and do something spontaneous.  The motivation to work on our dreams always follows.


And as an extra:

Know that no one else is going to motivate you. No one else is going to build your dream for you. No one is going to see your vision as brightly as you. You have to validate yourself. You have to motivate yourself. And you have to remember that YOU have that idea, that vision, that mission for a reason; and that reason is because you are the one who can bring it to be. Not everyone dreams big, but YOU do. That alone is a gift. Nurture it and take it seriously. :)

Every single person on this planet loses their motivation and doubts if they want to continue along their path. And the only difference between those who succeed and those who don't — is that those who succeed know how to motivate themselves to keep going. 

A somebody was once a nobody who wanted to and did.
— John Burroughs



Pictures from our walk today! Feeeeling so much more inspired! And check out Mr. Lady Bug below.

Pictures from our walk today! Feeeeling so much more inspired! And check out Mr. Lady Bug below.

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