Wondering why the law of attraction isn't working for you? 

Or feeling like a failure for not being 'good' at manifestation?

Have you been at this energy thing for a while and not seeing the results you expected?

Ready to throw in the towel, give up, lose hope, think: perhaps this miracle thing isn't for me?


I wrote an eBook for you. :)

A 68-page PDF written to demystify the law of attraction & what it actually means to manifest.


10 chapters dedicated to getting real about energy, and even real-er about what we can and can't control.

To show you first hand that magic really is REAL and that we really are creating our world as we go; with our thoughts, feelings, beliefs.

To demystify the confusion, address the fluff, and inspire you to think critically about the info circulating the self-help / new age world.

To prove to you why it's important you keep going.

To inspire you to learn more about energy and your power so the non-physical can show up for you,

and then you for it,

to be a change maker, a light bringer, someone living the life of their dreams.

Someone who is so empowered and strong in themselves that the situation they find themselves in becomes a launch pad for something greater, not a reason to quit. 

Someone who knows the future is infinite & we get to decide what comes next.

I want that for you, because for you is for us, so stay with the manifestation conversation.

Continue to learn more.

And know that, that when it comes to your life and what you're capable of achieving, the difference between where you are and where you want to be, is you.



Chapter 1: R E S I S T A N C E

❂ why resistance is normal + guidance on how to overcome it  ❂ my story of awakening

Chapter 2: E M O T I O N S

❂ why emotions are important +  why we need to feel them all  ❂ how to use 'negative' emotions to better manifest

Chapter 3: I N N E R  W O R K

❂ talks limiting beliefs + how to identify them / work with them  ❂ step-by-step on how to change what we subconsciously believe

Chapter 4: A C T I O N

❂ how to know your specific way of knowing when to take action

Chapter 5: D I V I N E  T I M I N G

❂ discusses divine timing + how to trust your pre-incarnation plan

Chapter 6: C O N T R O L

❂ specific to romantic relationships ❂ why controlling someone won't work + why manipulative spell work is a big NO

Chapter 7: C R E A T I V I T Y

❂ talks the creativity of the no-physical realms + why you don't have to orchestrate anything

Chapter 8: L E T T I N G  G O

❂ real tangible tips for letting go  ❂ a personal story about how I finally let go myself

Chapter 9: S U P P O R T

❂ gets a tad bit esoteric + discusses some of the support available to us ❂ guidance on how to call on support when we get fearful

Chapter 10: R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y

❂ pulls everything together  ❂ how much of reality you can control ❂ how much was preset prior to incarnation ❂ how to handle your responsibility as a conscious co-creator