Why did you start your blog?

I started this blog for so many reasons, but the main one was so that others who experienced the world they way I experience the world didn't have to feel so alone. A true energetic understanding of the world isn't mainstream and I was tired of seeing so many people have their experience labelled "not real" just because it didn't fit in with the norm. So I decided to start showing up and talking about my experience in an effort to normalize the experience for others.

Does it scare you to be so open about controversial things?

It used to... but then I realized it's not really controversial. It's only controversial because we make it controversial. I don't want to live in a world that doesn't respect those aware of the non-physical, so why would I support that type of world by being afraid to speak up? 

What’s your background?

I'm a Social Worker - and prior to social work I spent four years in a Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics and Human Nutrition program. I'm currently working on plans for my Master of Social Work degree and need to decide if I'll be doing that in Canada or abroad this coming fall. 

What advice would you give someone when they first realize they are an empath? 

If you resonate with the 'empath' label you have energetic and emotional needs that aren't typically acknowledged in the western world, so my first tip is to book a session with someone who "gets it", someone who will validate your experience and teach you how to clear, ground and shield your energy. This can be a Reiki Master, a Theta Master, an Intuitive or myself as a mentor.  Then, find a space that is just yours. It can be a room, a place in nature, or even a quiet parking lot; any space you can be truly alone. You cannot be a healthy empath without a space to be alone in your own energy.

Can you mentor me for free? 

I'd love to, but I can't. More on that HERE.

You talk about things like Angels and the Divine, are you religious or spiritual?

I believe in something greater than myself and I believe in this life having meaning, and I prefer to not put those beliefs into a box. Regardless of origin, I resonate with teachings that promote the love and respect of all beings. When I speak about Angels, I'm speaking about an energy I understand to be similar to that of what I was taught to believe was angelic. When I say something like 'Divine' or 'Source' I'm talking about that something I believe to be greater than myself...  an energy that connects us all, whatever that energy may be.

What's it like to see a ghost?

I get this question a lot! People who can see ghosts are clairvoyant. Meaning they have an ability to see energy - be it with physical eyes or the mind's eye. Just like what we see with our physical eyes is influenced by our experiences (perception) so is clairvoyance; how I see an earth-bound spirit is different than how another clairvoyant may see one. Because I'm predominantly clairsentient and claircognizant - I pick up on energy by feeling it and knowing it - I don't often see a full figure of a ghost. Instead I see a shadow and feel/know the shadow is "a man aged 45 who was alive in the 1940s and connected somehow to fire/firefighting." Does that make sense? More on clairvoyance HERE.

Advice for someone who thinks they are an empath but just don't know?

An empath is someone who experiences the world through feeling; feeling things makes you insightful, strange, emotional. The big things are important to you. You care so much and can't close your heart or mind to the world's problems. You have a visceral feeling to others' pain. For me this is people and animals so I've always been drawn to anything to do with human rights or animal rights. For others it's the planet. Because feeling things isn't usually considered 'psychic', empaths often realize they are an empath when they experience clairvoyance or get drawn to energy healing - like crystals or Reiki. Empaths are programmed to wake up and so when the time is right, people and resources will start showing up to show you your truth. If this is happening to you and you resonate, you probably are one. A good way to check in and ensure 'being an empath' is coming from truth and not ego is to visit a trusted intuitive and have them pick up that energy within you. I needed four or five intuitives to tell me I was an empath before I felt safe saying it out loud.

I wrote more on this HERE.