This photo and many others scattered across my site by the lovely Lisa Delorey. 

This photo and many others scattered across my site by the lovely Lisa Delorey

Hi, I'm Robin!

A social worker from the east coast of Canada.

It turns out I'm also an empath. Not sure what that means? For many years I didn't know either. I just thought I was strange and had bad genetics. Apparently I'm not that strange after all and the things I experienced growing up (premonitions, reoccurring dreams, non-physical visitors, major depression and anxiety, a deep need to save and protect) were the result of being intuitive and tapped into the non-physical world of energy. 

Since energy is my world (and I've finally outed it TO the world) I now guide others to own their energy stories and align their personal energies with the life they desire. Through blog posts, my book on what it actually takes to manifest, and my mentorship programs!  

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Professional Manifesto:

As a social worker I have been trained to think critically about the world and advocate for those who are oppressed by the dominant worldview.

Anything to do with energy and energy needs is widely regarded as pseudoscience and the experiences of sensitive people are often dismissed by those trained to support them (seeing angels / fairies / ghosts isn't usually a safe conversation at the doctor's office). Folks are rarely invited to explore how energy may be affecting their experience and sensitive people are misdiagnosed with mental illness instead of being recognized for who they are and what they truly need.

By sharing my life, experiences, and interests as an empath I am starting a very real conversation about energy sensitivity and creating space for people who have needs that fall outside the western model to feel safe in who they are and what they are experiencing.

This diary is written to inspire critical thought and challenge the norms that keep sensitive people small. 



+ the world happens for us, not to us

+ normalizing human experience and creating safe-spaces is more powerful than any anti-depressant

we all have the ability to create our lives, however power dynamics exist that make it harder for some than others

+ all beings are deserving of love and respect

+ there are no bad people, hurt people hurt people, though

+ staying small is NOT admirable / we can't just talk about change, we have to show up

+ truth is subjective; what is true for me might not be what is true for you

+ nothing on earth has all the answers (no person, book or idea)  

+ there are as many beliefs as there are people

+ sensitivity is a strength / being an 'empath' is a beautiful thing

+ we are all just walking each other home

+ everyone has a purpose and every interaction a lesson



One of my favourite things about coming across other writers / content creators is learning about the parts of them that make them human so I thought I'd do something similar! So here are some things about me that have nothing to do with energy or being an empath. :)




I'm an Academic and love to learn but I've never read a book front to back. I just open books to a page and start reading from there.




I'm in love with Sweden (and Scandinavia in general) and plan to have an apartment there someday. I'm also slowly learning the language!




I own very few things and the things I do own are black, white, green, gray and blue. I also love thrifting.



I can't say no to a dog and I someday hope to have an animal sanctuary to host animals rescued from slaughter houses. I'm also vegan but I wasn't always. I was desensitized and ate burgers until last year.



I'm an introvert but I also really, really love people. I want to be around people while also not, and the rest of my life is just as contradictory. 


weekly self-care

weekly self-care reminder for empaths who struggle to put themselves first,

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