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Being told I was an empath changed
my world. No longer was I overly sensitive, weak or woowoo, and instead was someone with unique energetic and emotional needs with an important reason for being here. 

Empaths take on the energy of the world around them and so the label gave me permission to take my energy seriously - my lifestyle got an overhaul and I started to clear, ground and protect daily. I took stock of my relationships and got good (read: better) at boundaries and speaking up about my needs. I got intentional about my space, the products I used, the foods I ate and started surrounding myself with people who get IT (it being energy and the impact it has on our lives). 

And then my world opened up.

It got brighter and for the first time things didn't feel so heavy. 

Most institutions continue to ignore the impact of energy on our human experience, and as a social worker I can't help but notice how our world is constructed to keep sensitive, intuitive people small.

 Energy is everything - and because we aren't talking about it, those of us who are sensitive and in tune are walking through life feeling alone, confused, misunderstood and at fault for how deeply we care about this world and its people.

Without knowing we feel what another feels, we
lose sight of our needs, attract challenging situations and experience anxiety, depression and other forms of mental health challenges with no apparent cause.  

I started this diary
as a creative advocacy piece to start to shift that.

Because empaths are keys to a more kind and
loving world, but only when we acknowledge our abilities and own what makes us different instead of pushing our sensitivity away to fit in with what's expected.


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Including doubt over whether or not you're actually an empath,
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The hype is real. We really can create our reality.

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